Alaska Website Design

Alaska Website Design

Custom Web Design

It's the reason why your website will not look like anyone else's

Website Design that comes together

‚Äč When every component, design feature and function is fitted together, you will have the website that provides the best possible digital representation of your business or organization.  This is only possible from a custom made website.  We wont attempt to mold and shape someone else's design into your website design.  

Website design is not all about looks.  

Every part of website design has to work collaboratively with the industry standards for Search Engine Optimization.  Careful attention is made to ensure every word, image, and navigation feature is meticulously integrated into the most important thing about your website - being found on search engines.

No templated design

Designing from a blank slate means just that - a white screen. I will not begin the design process using an overused template that can be found on countless other websites.  Every component, function and feature will be built into your website straight from scratch, giving you a unique website design. 

Responsive web design

I design websites using a "mobile first" perspective.  This means the design process begins with the small screen in mind.  Half of your website visits will come from mobile devices.   My design process then translates the design to look good and function perfectly on any sized device.

Powerful Website Design Options

I design custom websites using the creative power of Wordpress or Foundation 6.  Both options provide almost limitless options to build any website for you, your business or organization.

Alaska Website design

Foundation 6 is the most advanced website framework in the world.  Using Foundation 6, there is no limit to how I can design your website.  This method gives me absolute control how your website responds and renders on all screen devices - from the biggest desktop to the smallest smartphone.  The code behind these website is clean and efficient which provides much faster load times and reduces the weight of your website.  They load quick!  

This is a great option for those who want a website design that can be hosted in any webhosting environment.  This is also the prefered platform if you have no desire to update your own website when the need arises.

Alaska Website Design

Wordpress is one of the world's leading content management systems used for modern website design. I develop Wordpress sites that combine the power of Wordpress and Elementor that give me the greatest ability to customize any website design at it's greatest potential.  

Wordpress sites are great options for Ecommerce or Woocommerce sites. Wordpress is also a great option if you are wanting the ability to update your own website - and I can show you how!

Mobile Responsive Website in Action

A true mobile responsive website will automatically adjust to the screen size changes automatically.  You can try this yourself.  Pick any website on your web browser.  Click and drag the window to make it larger and smaller.  What do you discover about that website?  

Seach Engine Optimization

It is not just what you see on the page.

I custom build websites that master the delicate balance between providing useful content to it's users, while providing explicit information to seach engines to help them understand the content on the pages.  

Taking it one step further with structured data 

All of my custom designed websites are also built with information that you cannot see - structured data.  Structured data is written into the files of a website that provide useful information that makes your website more likely to be found on searches.

G oogle Business Listing

Alaska Website Design

One of the services I can provide is setting up your Google business listing.  A Google business listing is a great tool to get your business noticed at the top of search engine querries.  Additionally, Google business listings provide an important resource to your website known as "back-linking."   

Back-links are created when a reputable source provides links to your website.  Reputable back-links enhance your rankings in search engines.  Google business listings provide an excellant way to keep potential customers and clients updated with offers, news or events, as well as providing your location on maps.  Once this is setup, it is very easy for you to keep updated as time goes on.

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Great website design takes time you may not have!  

I will do the research needed to make your
website stand out among your competitors.

Every design feature, function and component will 
be tailor-made to function perfectly on any device.
Your website visitors will experience the difference!

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