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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  What does that mean?  SEO simply put, is a set of techniques and practices that goes into website design that works towards getting a website found when you do an on-line search.   

A great looking website does not mean that it is a website that will be found by someone who is looking for what you do on the internet.  You can spend hours in the design of your website, but if you do not adhere to certain principles and techniques, it is likely you won't be discovered by people who do not know you exist.  

Below is three methods and levels of SEO services I provide

Types of SEO

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√   On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the basic principle in website design. At least is should be.  On Page SEO is something that I include in every web design.  But what is it? 

  • Proper use of Title Tags (h1, h2,...h6)
  • User friendly, optimized links and navigation
  • Accurate page titles, description and meta data
  • Optimizing images and media for faster loading
  • Adding useful and interesting content
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√   Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes all of the on-page SEO, but takes it a bit further.  Off-page SEO helps tell search engines what your website is about by adding XML site maps, structured data and data markup that Google understands.  This greatly enhances your ability to be found when people look for you using certain keyword searches.  Another important part of Off-page SEO is credible backlinks through reputable business listings and social media.  More specifically it includes:

  • XML site map added to your website files
  • Structured data and data markup for Google
  • Create business listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Setup Facebook business page
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√ SEO Commitment

My SEO commitment includes on-page and off-page SEO but goes much farther.  SEO for websites is truly never finished.  The web changes.  Search engine algorithms change.  How people search on the internet changes.  My SEO Commitment is a long-term commitment to getting and keeping your website ranked as highly as possible when people search for what you do.  It includes:

  • Google Analytics account set up for your website
  • Analyze your website for proper use of meta data, tags and crucial keyword usage
  • Monitor Google Analytics monthly and provide monthly reports
  • Continued keyword analysis and rank tracking
  • Continued updates to your website to improve rankings

SEO is crucial for your website and your business

The decision to add Off-Page SEO services or the SEO Commitment will result in making sure your website gets found on the web.  Whether I am designing, or re-designing your website, or you have an existing website that simply is not performing well on searches, my SEO services will result in your site getting found and your business greatly enhanced!  

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