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Each website design starts out on a blank slate.  No overused templated designs are a part of the design process.  This gives the greatest flexibility in the design process that allows the creation of websites that are truly unique and one of a kind.  Every feature, function and component are perfectly blended into a truly customized website design process.  

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Mobile responsive website design - It's not about the desktop anymore

Anchorage website design

My approach to website design is - "mobile first."

One of the most important tasks in website design is ensuring that people who visit your website on a mobile device have the same, good experience as on a desktop.  A desktop website design that is not optimized for mobile devices is extremely difficult to navigate and use.  Website designs built for large screens that are squeezed into a small mobile device give an archaic impression - something you do not want!

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One website design built for all devices

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Many of the algorithms search engines use, such as Google and Yahoo, now include mobile optimization as a part of how your website is ranked.  A website that is not mobile responsive in it's original design can be penalized on its search engine rankings and affect whether your website shows up on searches or not.  

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Is your website hurting your business?

Does your website represent your business or organization in a professional way?
Is your website easy to navigate and does it intuitively guide visitors where you want them to go?
Is your website mobile responsive and does it look good on any viewing device?
Does your business have a website.....

A website has 10 seconds to make a first impression.  Don't trust it's design to just anyone!

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Custom Website Design

Website Design From the Desk of Ken Outten

I design custom websites both from a blank slate and WordPress sites.  Do you already have a website, but it needs updating or a redesign?  Let's remodel.

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SEO & Digital Marketing

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A great website design alone is often not enough.  My SEO services will get your website ranked exactly where it needs to be and competitive with others.

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"Ken designed our web page with our mission in mind.  He incorporated all the requirements needed to enhance our webpage and make it user friendly.  We highly recommend his services!" 

Robert Mcclung,
"I have known Ken Outten for nearly a decade as a friend and in the last year and a half professionally. His work whether it be the development of my website, company brochures, newsletters or the development of professional proposals, has not only been top quality, but done in a timely manner. I can't imagine trying to build my organization without his services."   

Gene McConnell,
Authentic Relationships Int.
"Ken's services were fast and professional.  Not only did he help me create the website and logo I wanted, he far exceeded my expectations! I couldn't be more happy with his creativity and professionalism. I highly recommend.  Thanks Ken!"  

Lydia Richardson,
Massage by Lydia

Latest Successful Website Stories

Websites are a story.  They are part of a narrative about your business or organization.  Your potential customers and clients have a story too.  One of the things you should be asking yourself about your website is: 

Do my visitors see a part of their story in our website? 

As a website designer, I take the time to get to know each of my clients.  I try to achieve the greatest amount of understanding about each and every client and what they truly represent as an organization.   


It is all about connection.  Do people who visit your website find a connection between their story and yours?

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see the story
see the story
see the story
see the story
see the story
see the story

Four easy steps to a successful website experience

Give me a call or email me - the first and most important step!  

We set up a free, one hour consultation.  We discuss your business, website needs and potential solutions.

Design phase.  Here we decide on a customized website design and build, test, build and test!  

Once all of the website pages and features are built, tested and approved, we go live with hosting your new website! 

Alaska website design

I am Anchorage's most affordable website designer.  Are you ready to start having a successful website experience?

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